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Wooded meadows for biodiversity

Wooded meadows in Estonia are a rare and culturally significant landscape that are currently under protection due to their crucial role in maintaining biodiversity. The unique ecosystems formed by a combination of forest and meadow create a harmonious environment where trees and grasses grow together. This traditional feature has been a part of Estonian culture and tradition for centuries, providing grazing land, haymaking areas, and medicinal plants.

Despite their cultural and ecological importance, the existence of these unique habitats is threatened by modern agricultural practices and urbanisation.

Woodlands, areas of grassland dotted with trees and shrubs, create a diverse and vibrant ecosystem that supports various plant and animal species. That's why we believe that protecting and restoring them is essential.

One way to do that is by planting trees and shrubs in meadows. Another method is to identify the native plant species that are already present on the land, manage this vegetation and then planting additional species that are known to grow well in the area.

We believe that restoring these habitats is not only important for biodiversity and carbon offsetting but adds cultural value.

Our team works with local communities to identify suitable areas. By planting a variety of tree and shrub species, we aim to restore these unique landscapes and protect them for future generations.

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